Mike Salter, trading as Folly Publications, has produced this series of books about medieval castles, parish churches, monastic sites and long distance walking trails in various parts of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.  Medieval Walled Towns and All About The Morris (a history of morris dancing) were published respectively in March 2013 and January 2014.  Castles of Ireland was published in March 2014, and his latest book, published in February 2015, is Medieval Nunneries.

The castles and churches books contain numerous black and white photographs and many plans reproduced to a set of common scales to allow comparisons of buildings of similar types (e.g. all churches, keeps, tower houses, gatehouses, etc. at 1:400, and courtyard castles mostly at 1:800, earthworks and large sites at 1:2000).

The more recent titles, particularly Medieval Walled Towns, All About the Morris,  Castles of Ireland and Medieval Nunneries, have many colour photographs as well as black and white.

You can contact Mike by leaving a comment on the News and Chat page or at:

Folly Cottage, 151 West Malvern Road, Malvern WR14 4AY
Telephone: 01684 565211
E-mail: mike@castlesalter.co.uk