Thank you

A big thank you to the following, who, at some point during the last thirty years have made available to me accommodation, transport, information, illustrations, or have helped with the production, printing, promotion or financing of my books:

Paul Adkins, Pat Baily, Max Barfield, Jude Bloomfield, Chris and Frances Bowers, Beryl Brown, Adam Byrne*, Sylvia Campbell, Eamon Cody, Anthony Cook, Jean Cuddeford, Mary Doncaster, Gwyn Evans, Rob Faulkner, Kerin Fogarty, Phil Hall, Peter Halliwell, Jenny Harper, Lorna Harrison, Charles Henderson, Mike Jackson, Andrea Kirkby, Sara-Sue Lovatt*, John Lowe, Charles McKean, Ken McLeod, Kate Miles, Jeremy Morfey, Anthony Morris, Gillian Morris, Ian Morris, Stuart Morris, Phil Plevey, Liz Pearce, Peter Presford, Paul Remfry, Ian Rennie, Peter Ryder, Dennis and Marjorie Salter, Alan Sorenson, Roger Stirling Brown, Andrew Tanner, Helen Thomas, Christopher Uncles, Charles Walton, Val Webb, Jo Wilkinson, Ann Wilson, John and Nancy Wright.

Adam Byrne*, let me know if you managed to get a job connected in some way with old buildings;

Sara-Sue Lovatt*, formerly of Porchester, Hants. – I owe you a Sussex churches book if you’d like to get in touch.

A big thanks to the staff of Aspect Design , particularly Allan and Paul, for all their help and forbearance in the production of almost all my books since 1994. Aspect Design can be contacted at:
Aspect Design
89 Newtown Road, Malvern WR14 1PD
Telephone: 01684 561567