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Updated  April 2018

Firstly, a big thanks to my son-in-law Stuart Morris for spending a huge amount of time recently on restoring the website after it crashed and was closed for about a month.

Medieval Parish Churches of Wales has been available since 2017.

Two recent titles 2017-2018 have only had limited circulation and are not available to the general public. One is Castles Restored From Ruins, the story of ruined castles in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland being restored to use, mostly by private individuals. 224 pages, nearly 500 illustrations including close on 400 colour pictures. Price £20. This book is not on sale as yet, but please email Mike to register interest if it eventually goes on open release and you’d like a copy.

No other titles are currently in preparation. I’m taking the rest of the year off to do other things. Other books may eventually appear at some point, e.g. a Scottish equivalent to Castles of Ireland.

2015  saw the release of three new titles: MEDIEVAL NUNNERIES, MEDIEVAL BRIDGES and SAXON CHURCHES.  New for 2016 was THE CASTLES  OF  KENT, SURREY AND SUSSEX. This replaces the existing titles for castles in those counties, Kent having been out of print now for more than a year, and Surrey badly in need of updating in the light of recent developments at Betchworth and Guildford. A new third edition of CASTLES AND MOATED MANSIONS  OF  SHROPSHIRE is also now available. Both titles contain quite a lot of colour pictures.

The county guides to Old Parish Churches series has stalled lately due to poor sales of the last four:  Lancashire, Gloucestershire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Interest from shops for these titles recently has been minimal. If any more titles in the series do come out the most likely candidates are North Yorkshire and Avon for which a fair bit of the fieldwork has been done, although there has been no recent progress on either of them. A further complication is that the pictures would need to be grouped together in pages filled with photos if reproduced in colour, for economic reasons.

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