Ancient Monuments of the Aran Islands


The three Aran Islands lying across Galway Bay have a fine collection of ancient monuments.

The most famous is Dun Aonghasa, a very large multivallate cliff-top fort with a drystone terraced inner rampart dating probably from the Iron Age.

There are several other cash els or stone ring forts and one promontory fort.

One of the cash els contains a ruined later medieval castle.

There are ten small ruined churches remaining from early monastic settlements and various associated features such as holy wells, fragmentary high crosses and the stump of a round tower. Three other churches are later medieval.

Other monuments on the islands include four megalithic tombs and several burial cairns which go back to the Bronze Age, a mid 17th century Cromwellian fort and a pair of signal towers of the Napoleonic era.

There remain many undated huts, houses and clochans, some of which retain their corbelled stone roofs, and an assortment of unclassified mounds and cairns.

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