Medieval Churches of Ireland


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Published in 2009

Contains 152 pages with 457 illustrations


This book contains descriptions of over 325 sites in Ireland where there are churches built sometime between the early 8th century and the end of the 16th century. Over 30 of these sites have ruins of more than one ancient church, most of them being the sites of Early Christian monasteries. Round towers and cathedrals are included, but not the churches of the abbeys and friaries of the 13th century and later medieval periods which are covered by a companion volume in the series. Medieval Irish parish churches tend to be modest in size and layout. Nearly all of them are now in ruins as a result of having passed during the 16th century Reformation into the control of the minority Protestant congregations which soon dwindled. A few old furnishings, effigies and other monuments which have survived are also included.

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