The Castles of Grampian and Angus


This book is a comprehensive guide to the history and architecture of over 360 castles and castellated houses dating from the early 12th century to the late 17th century in what used to be the counties of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Banff, Kincardine and Moray,

About  third of these buildings survive in use, whilst another third lie in ruins, the remainder having vanished.

An introductory section is followed by three gazetteers illustrated with many plans, sketches and photographs which are mostly the product of the authrs own fieldwork.

There are also three maps.

Few f the buildings described in this book are large medieval fortresses.

The majority are late 16th and early 17th century castellated houses in which features such as gunports and turrets were provided for show as much as for defence.

This part of Scotland contains many of the finest and best known examples of the distinctive and picturesque style adopted by Scottish Lairds for their country houses after the Reformation.

Published in 1995

Contains 200 pages with 370 illustrations.

ISBN 1-871731-21-6

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