The Old Parish Churches of Sussex


This book describes all the features of interest dating from the Saxon period up until the 1790s to be seen in over 300 parish churches in Sussex.

An introduction describing the development of the architecture, furnishings and memorials in the parish churches in Sussex up to 1800 is followed by detailed gazetteers for each of East Sussex and West Sussex.

The gazetteers are lavishly illustrated with photographs, plans, drawings, prints and brass rubbings.

There are also lists of 19th and 20th century churches in each of East Sussex and West Sussex.

Additions and alterations of the last two hundred years to older buildings are noted in the gazetteer entries but post-1800 furnishings and monuments are generally not described.

Published in 2000

Contains 152 pages with 300 illustrations

ISBN 1-871731-40-2

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