136 pages, 194 illustrations (plans, map, photos)

Following two introductory sections describing the development of monastic houses and cathedrals in medieval Scotland, this book has a gazetteer which includes all twelve of the medieval cathedrals and over a hundred and ten monastic houses. Seven of these were at Berwick-upon-Tweed, which was part of Scotland until taken by England in the later medieval period.

The book includes many lesser-known monastic houses, including over fifty friaries, mostly located in towns, little of which still remain. The Trinitarians, a little-known order of friars, otherwise thinly represented in the British Isles, had nine houses in Scotland.

Of the cathedrals only those of Brechin, Dunblane, Glasgow and Kirkwall retain more-or-less their full medieval extent still fully roofed. Four others remain partly in use. Another four are ruins in the care of Historic Scotland, which also has custody of the majority of the surviving ruins of former abbeys and priories. In twelve places at least part of a former monastic house still remains in use for some form of Christian worship.

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