130 pages, 366 illustrations (plans, maps, and photographs)

Following an introductory section describing the development of the parish church in Scotland from the Early Christian era through to the Reformation of 1560, this book has a well-illustrated gazetteer of about 150 of the most notable churches. The majority of those lying in rural locations are now in ruins. Supplementary sections with maps for various counties and districts then give brief notes on the remains of another 300 buildings, most of them very ruined or much altered. A few chapels which once formed parts of colleges and hospitals are included, but not cathedrals or monastic churches, since these appear in a companion volume. The largest and most complex of the buildings described here are those which served important burghs such as those of Edinburgh, Haddington, Linlithgow, Perth and Stirling, which are essentially of the period 1400-1540.

Also available as part of the three-volume set with Medieval Churches of Ireland and Medieval Churches of Wales for £30.

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